Sunday, September 14, 2014

blogging experience

My blogging experience;

My blogging experience was to express about my life and events that i have.

It is fun to share of what i have done in my life.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

what makes my day complete

What makes my day complete

My day become complete when i saw my crush and my love ones everyday. 

When my parents give me allowance for school.

my life as astudent

My life as a student
As a student you have an obligation which always related at the school. Everything that you possess in the community the school will always determine on how you  behave.

Just like other students, we are engage in learning process. But sometimes you will such a coward if you always busy in terms of increasing of your knowledge if your brain cannot carry at all, so as this point everything can be relax.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

about this blog

About this blog

This blog is about the events of being devoted of any things, like the weird character in classroom, anime idols, and most of all in sport events.

Its usually in social concept of real life situations that can make you cry, laugh, and sometimes makes you some weirdo.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the real me

"The real me"

When the God create the world, he said that the life was so very important. So that my parents give me a happy life, with love and care.

I was born on 26th day of January ,1995 in a year of the pig.They named me a best name that I ever have, ROMMEL GEANGA. How good to hear my name everyday. They nurture me in essence of love and care, with good guidance on how to be a good individual.

In terms of likes and dislikes, there's a lot of it. I like to play ball games, one of this game is SEPAK TAKRAW. I like this because since elementary this game mold me on how to be good and being sportsmanship in the play. Also I like to play football. And I like good things that can teach me and give me information about everything, I like people that been good to me even that I'm so hard headed sometimes. I don't  like bad people that they treat you like a coward.

In school, I have lots of friends because my nature is so good in others and I don't like that I have a enemy. So, as my parents taught me to be good,"I obey this wherever I go".